Musiq Scene: MK xyz

Sept 8, 2021

published by: Tag Magazine

Raised in Jacksonville, Florida, and Charlotte, North Carolina, MK xyz (she/they), who is of African American and Filipino heritage, was encouraged to explore two things she loved–singing and dancing–by her parents who were both dancers. When she was 14 years old, she came out and refused to reject who she was. At 15, she released her first EP independently.

Now signed to RZ3 Recordings/Epic Records, MK is preparing to follow up the success of her first single “Pass It” ft. G-Eazy. She released her latest EP titled “Sweet Spot” via Epic Records this past spring and has just been casted on Netflix’s upcoming drama vampire series “First Kill.”

On October 1, the singer, songwriter, and actress will be taking the stage at The Dinah‘s Black and White Ball. When asked how she feel’s about performing at this year’s 30th Anniversary event, she says, “I feel so honored. So many amazingly talented women have graced Dinah, and with everything that has happened, I’m thankful to be included in this historic year.”

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Musiq Scene: MK xyz

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